Big Green and Modern Farmer are launching the Million Gardens Movement, a charitable food initiative, that will officially kick off on Plant a Seed Day, March 20th. Set in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Million Gardens Movement will give everyone the opportunity to grow their own food, whether it is on a windowsill or in a backyard, to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable world.

Thanks for helping us grow the movement! Here are some ways to help:

Any day after Monday, March 15:

Post our 60-second video to your social channels!

  • Download via Dropbox.
  • When in dropbox, click on the three dots in the right-hand corner. This will bring up an option to save the film to dropbox or export the file. Choose export and save to your own files on your mobile device.

Link to our donation page

  • For Instagram posts: Use the “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories if you have it, but adding it to a post description or link-in-bio always works too!
  • Tag @milliongardensmovement on Instagram/TikTok/Twitter) and use the following hashtags, listed most to least important: #milliongardens #plantaseedday
Plant a Seed Day! Saturday, March 20

Plant some seeds! Share what you’re excited to grow this year, or why you’re passionate about gardening!

We have some sample captions, as well as images and gifs you can use below! Happy planting! Thanks again for helping us kick off the Million Gardens Movement.

If you have trouble downloading or posting and we can help email

Plant a Seed Day Copy: Share on March 20

Here’s some sample copy. Plant some seeds and snap a photo or share along with our official video!

  • I’m celebrating #PlantASeedDay by growing a garden! Here’s the thing – that simple step of planting a seed isn’t so simple for everyone. Without having the space, start-up funds, or know-how, some people are cut off from the amazing health benefits of gardening. That’s why I’m joining the @milliongardensmovement by growing a garden and giving a garden to a family in need. Will you join me?
  • This year I am joining the @milliongardensmovement, and helping families in need across the United States, who have faced food insecurity issues as a result of the pandemic. Every $10 will provide a child with a garden kit, connecting them with a regular source of fresh fruit and vegetables. By donating $20 dollars and registering to join the movement you will also receive this Million Gardens Movement bracelet!
  • The simple act of planting a tomato can be an act of hope and resilience. Whether it be in a community garden, or in a fire escape or window box – it’s small collective acts like these that will sow the biggest seeds of change. That’s why I’m joining the @milliongardensmovement and growing a garden in celebration of #PlantASeedDay. Join at
Additional Hashtags

Here are some additional hashtags suggestions to help boost your posts! Listed most to least important:

#milliongardens #plantaseedday #growagarden #giveagarden #gardenpathways #farmlife #homestead #backyardgarden #gardening #homegrown #growfoodnotlawns #eatwhatyougrow #gardeninglife #gardeningtips #greenthumb #gardenscrapbook #instagardeners #gardeningismytherapy #newgarden #grownwithlove #fresh #fromseed #dogoodbegood #growyourownfood #gardeninglife #giveback #makeadifference

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9.3m Americans started

gardening in 2020

1 in 4 families faced food insecurity

issues last year

Plant, Grow,
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