Here at the Million Gardens Movement, we know how far away growing and greenery can feel during the winter holidays, under sheets of ice and snow: that’s why we want to bring you a guide to help you select the best gifts to ask for (or give to others) this holiday season that center gardening, from beginner gardens to indoor gardens to raised beds. Ranging from hose nozzles to cookbooks, you’re sure to find something here that fits, including a Movement member exclusive discount to the American Horticultural Society and some great products from our partners. If you feel like we left out any essentials, let us know! We’re always on the hunt for the best pair of garden gloves for our pesky blackberry bushes. And, secretly, excited to get some of these:

Million Gardens Movement Exclusive Price: American Horticultural Society Membership

When you join the American Horticultural Society, your gift will help people of all ages learn and enjoy the craft of gardening and help us make the world a greener, cleaner, and more beautiful place for future generations. You can join today with this special $25 individual rate – a $10 savings!

PLUS, you will receive valuable benefits to become a more successful and environmentally responsible gardener, including:

  • The American Gardener magazine, full of informative and inspirational articles
  • Free admission and other discounts to more than 345 botanical gardens and arboreta across North America
  • Access to our popular members-only online gardening resources, seed and book discounts, and more!

As a member of AHS, you’ll take incredible pride knowing that you are part of an organization dedicated to making our nation greater…by making it greener. You will also support our innovative programs that engage children and youth in gardening and that encourage earth-friendly choices for creating and maintaining thriving gardens.

The Mammoth Garden™ Starter Kit

Everything you need to grow a better garden in one simple box. The Mammoth Garden™ Starter Kit has the essentials to get to growing: Mammoth Grow Me™, a fruit and bloom enhancer, and Protect Me™, natural pest prevention. The Starter Kit is the perfect way to invigorate your plants, wherever you grow. 

Gardenuity Taco Toppings Garden Kit

You can always be ready for Taco Tuesday with your garden kit from our friends at Gardenuity! This kit perfectly fits in tight spaces from balconies to side tables, and comes with everything to start off a garden: reusable 5 gallon grow bag, a handful of fully rooted herbs and leafy greens, beginning compost, soil primer, nutrients, and a membership to receive their garden support. All the plants are matched to your location and season, so consider ordering this kit come springtime if you want to use the plants outside soon.

Proven Winners Seed-Starter Eco-Pots

Made from US-grown renewable plants like corn, switchgrass, and sugar beets, these plastic-free pots not only can be industrially composted, but they break down throughout the year, releasing nutrients from the pot walls into your plants. A great way to get started potting and caring for potted plants without the hassle and dozens of cracked, plastic pots.

Sheets Laundry Club

An environmentally friendly, timesaving solution to washing your clothes. Laundry detergent sheets get rid of the plastic and commonly found harsh chemicals used in mainstream detergent all while keeping your clothes feeling and smelling just as clean. Did we mention they’re so easy to use that even your kids can do laundry? You’re welcome!

Holiday Bonus: Get a 10% discount at Sheets Laundry Club with the code MGM10

Plant Me! Seed Greeting Cards

Perfect for stocking stuffers, these greeting cards are made with paper studded with either oregano, parsley, or basil seeds that the recipient on your card can crumble and plants when they’re done reading to jump-start a herb garden! So keep these away from light or moisture before they want to be used, but pick them up for anyone who lives to write to friends and family.

Ohuhu Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat

You might want to do a ton of kneeling and sitting as you tend to your garden, which can be difficult depending on your mobility or the size of your garden: this 2-in-1 game changer starts as a cushioned seat and extends down to become a kneeler to help any gardeners’ knees or backs. Plus, it comes with pockets for tools and seeds!

Maple Garden Carry-all

We’ve seen garden baskets, but few as beautiful as this one. It hold two pecks (that’s 16 quarts) and a wide basin for holding everything from summer squashes to flowers to pesky weeds. Complete with a curved maple handle and metal mesh too fine to let cherry tomatoes slip through, it’s a great one-basket fix for harvests.

Gardenite’s 10 Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle 

According to Insider’s hose nozzle roundup, this is one of the best to pick, and its 10 different watering parts can change how you grow. High-pressure jets can help weed away unwanted plants from your paths, while the softer mist function is great for delicate, high-humidity plants you’re taking care of. This nozzle lasts a while, and won’t tire your hand as you use it.

Nesco 8 Tray Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

Although we try to eat as much as we can of our harvest, sometimes we need to store or preserve for later use, and that’s where the Gardenmaster comes in. This BPA free 8-tray dehydrator can handle everything from flowers to onions to fruit puree in large batches, and keep your harvest going through the colder months. We love this dehydrator because it doesn’t require you to switch out trays or supervise the slow process (a watched pot never boils)—instead you can set it on and walk away.

The Floral Society Essential Oil Outdoor Incense & Mosquito Repellent

Each of the twenty sticks smells great, burns for two hours, and that doesn’t even cover their anti-insect properties. If you want to impress a guest or get them down in the rows working on pest control, these incense do double duty and come in herbaceous, spiced, and citrusy scents.

Flavors from the Garden: Heirloom Vegetable Recipes from Roughwood

This is the most garden-focused cookbook we’re rushing to purchase that was just released this autumn. Developed by the Roughwood Seed Collection, this book is all about the flavor profiles of heirloom veg. Centered on eighty seasonal recipes acros 208 pages, this book will teach you not only the best rare varieties of seeds to buy for 2022, but which bakes and treats to get excited now to prepare from your heirloom garden. Covering growing, harvesting, cooking, and preserving, this book guides you through the entire process from seed to scraps to plate.

A CSA Share

To support the kind of local growing and urban ag we want in this world in the most delicious way, CSAs are the way to go. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) means that anyone can purchase a farmshare for a season and enjoy a regular shipment of fresh food: usually in the form of vegetables, but don’t sleep on those options for fruit and meat too! Our friends at Modern Farmer have created a list of CSA from each state to help you find the closest CSA to someone you want to gift a share to. Doing so before the springtime also allows farmers to budget more for 2022 and pay upfront for farm upgrades, helping produce the most delicious crops.

A Million Gardens Movement Shirt

Choose from six different designs and dozens of color combos when you sport that you’ve joined the Movement for a better food future! By purchasing one of our Million Gardens Movement shirts, you will be directly supporting our charitable partners, who help overcome food insecurity & improve food literacy across North America. And you’ll look great doing it!